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Grocery Shopping in La Paz

Settling into a new place, whether for a week’s vacation or a months-long getaway, eventually you’ll want a break from taco nights. Wondering where to pick up some basic ingredients for breakfast or who has that bottle of wine you love? Read on for all the best tips on groceries, from a local!

** Note: The businesses I’m recommending in this article can be quickly found on Google Maps and are easily accessible from La Paz Centro.


  1. Where to buy veggies

You’ll notice a lot of homogeneity in the produce offerings at the local and regional grocery chains, such as Chedraui, Aramburo or Soriana; largely the same vegetables will be found at each, only varying slightly in quality and availability. Personally, I find Chedraui to have the most consistently fresh and stocked vegetable selection, but Aramburo is very walkable from downtown and the decor life-sized cow they have above their doorway is often dressed up to mark various holidays! Outside the spectrum of ingredients common to Mexican cuisine - think tomato, onion, cilantro, chilis, avocados, etc. - you will want to check out our modestly-sized but impressive farmers market.

Every Tuesday and Saturday there is the Mercado Organico y Artisanal (MOA) on calle Antonio Rosales, on the block that’s between calle Francisco I. Madero and Mutualismo. Grab a ready-made meal while you stroll and shop for your dinner ingredients (pro tip: try the gorditas from the lovely family selling on the north side of the street; and the earlier the better, as their most popular flavours can sell out quickly). Martin is the most well-known and well-stocked organic produce vendor (and he also sometimes has organic chicken available, by request); you’ll find him in a large tent near the top of the street, closer to Madero.