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Hiking and trekking in La Paz

There’s more than water activities in La Paz - Let’s go hiking!

The Sea of Cortez may be the star around here, but there’s more than one way to appreciate that vast expanse of crystal blue; how about from up on high? You’re going to want to save space in your luggage for a pair of running shoes under your flip flops!

The mountainous and rocky geology of Baja California Sur is volcanic in origin. The violent eruptions and tectonic shifts of the past have left us a magnificent natural playground to discover and explore: colourful minerals, cliff-clinging cacti, and drought-adapted fauna & flora so incredibly diverse that I highly recommend picking up a field guide upon arrival to La Paz.

Read on, as I elaborate on two popular hiking options around La Paz for beginner and intermediate hikers. I’ll also put a Google Maps link to the starting point for each one.

  1. The urban sunset hike. The La Paz sunsets are FAMOUS…those pinks and oranges and flaming reds lighting up the sky and reflecting off the waters of the bay…you’ll be taking in more than one from the palm-lined pedestrian walkway called the Malecón, I guarantee you. Or, if you’re lucky, right from your accommodation with Trip&homes.

Plan ahead for one of these evening strolls and lace up those runners for a quick and

easy hike up the sandstone hill framing the north end of the Malecon - the Cerro de la

Calavera, or “skull hill” in English, gets its name from the wistful yet also slightly creepy

shapes that have been carved out of the soft rock by millennia of lashings by rain and