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Horseback riding in La Paz at Rancho San Lorenzo

Updated: May 10

Whether you’re picking your way up a mountainside or strolling across an endless beach, the view of the world is always better from between a horse’s ears!

This was my first time visiting Rancho San Lorenzo, and upon arrival, I was encouraged to see that everything looked as it did in the photos I’d been drooling over on the ranch’s Instagram account; the property was a glowing gem nestled within chiseled desert mountains, the horses were healthy and happy to meet me, the rancheros were singing and smiling, and the farm animals were happily grazing and foraging the grounds. I couldn’t wait to see everything from about 5 feet higher, on horseback!

My horse, Dickie, and I made the perfect team; I respected his knowledge of the terrain and he respected my leadership and took me where I wanted to go. A spirited 4-year-old chestnut stallion with a perfect diamond on his forehead, he’s a great match for an intermediate rider or better. He also takes great selfies :)

Important note: Before hitting the trails, you have time to get used to your mount in the training ring (and he/she to you!). During this warm-up, the staff observes each duo and will adjust riding partners as they deem best for everyone’s safety. At least 6 of the stable’s 21 horses are great for beginners, so don’t fear if you’re a bit rusty or even a complete newbie.

From our first step, our two-legged guides were actively tuned-in to my needs - deftly scooping up my repeatedly-fallen sombrero from the ground while still skillfully on horseback (I mean, I’m on a ranch; I have to look the part, even if the hat is too big)! We discussed the desert as we rode, and German, originally from the mainland state of Sinaloa, did his best to name each plant and tree I pointed out.

As for my four-legged guide, Dickie seemed to turn his head and enjoy the vistas in all the right places, inviting me to do the same. He also pointed out a nice plant or two…which, okay, he might have then tried to eat. Paying attention to his gaze and ears, I noticed all kinds of things I wouldn’t have otherwise: across the valley, a luxurious red outcrop. Amongst some larger dark rocks, a single pebble of glass bottle-green. What a world!

Pro tip: You’re going to be able to see the entire island of Espiritu Santo from a shaded lookout point where you’ll stretch your legs and rest your horse, as well as the famous Balandra Bay and Tecolote beaches, so if you use glasses for distance make sure you bring them! It’s too magnificent to see slightly fuzzy (speaking from experience).

Respecting Covid-safety protocols as well as the tranquillity of the setting, San Lorenzo has chosen to only accommodate small groups at any one time, even refraining from booking mid-day rides completely when they are also housing guests in either of their two magnificent casitas. Dismounting back at the stables, everything was as we had left it and we were welcomed to continue enjoying the property’s facilities at our leisure. Definitely make sure you go say hi to the new baby goats.

Whether you decide to book simply a trail ride, as I experienced, or pair it with a meal served in full comfort back at the ranch, you’ll be equally invigorated and at ease at Rancho San Lorenzo. This best-kept secret in La Paz has been designed to offer guests an all-inclusive ranch experience unlike any other.

Contact Lalo, John, any member of their communication and reservations team today or just book directly here and go experience it for yourself - you deserve this!

More photos!

By Terri Lynn Manna

Jun 09, 2022


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