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Mezcal tasting in La Paz

Updated: Feb 4

Mexican Spirits Tasting and pairing in La Paz

The new trendy alcohol that’s not new at all!

Do you, also, have that one friend that hasn’t stopped going on about mezcal lately?

If you’re reading this post it might be because, like me a few days ago, you don’t really have a finger on what mezcal even IS.

Well, a fun start-up from right here in La Paz has an easy fix to this uneasy feeling of being outside-of-the-know: A Mexican spirits tasting and food pairing!

You’ve done it with whiskey. You’ve definitely done it with wine. Now, reserve a mezcal and tequila tasting experience in La Paz with Mexican Spirits Club®️, and sip your way through controlled origin ancestral distillates as unique as each Mexican state they come from!

Unique Mexican Spirits Tasting and Pairing Experience in La Paz