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Swim with Sea Lions in La Paz

Sea lions…sea lions? Is their common name making you wary of hopping in and swimming with them? (And the Spanish name doesn’t help either - lobos marinos translates literally to “sea wolves.”) If so, there’s really no need to worry, because sea lions should really have been more aptly named, “sea dogs”!

Intelligent, social, curious, playful and downright adorable (I mean, look at those teeny tiny little ears!), if you think of the California sea lion more like a breath-holding version of your trusted family canine, then you’ll better understand why everyone says that swimming with them is a fun and unforgettable experience, not to be missed!

Photo of a sea lion in the sea of Cortes taken by the trip and homes Experiences team

Social groups of sea lions are made up of a small number of mature breeding males, numerous mature breeding females, and their pups and yearlings.

The older members of La Paz’s resident colonies are often observed lounging on warm rocks or found floating belly up and half asleep. Just like my family’s 11-year-old retriever, they really only perk up to eat and bark at the mailman (get too close to their territory - the rocks and boulders they call home - and you’re the mailman, in this scenario).

Still, they make fantastic photography subjects, flopped over jagged rocks in a way that just can’t be comfortable, yet clearly somehow is.

Adult sea lions colony in the sea of Cortez at san rafaelito.
Adult sea lions colony at San Rafaelito taken by the trip and homes experiences team

Then, there are the juveniles and pups; these guys are who you’re really here to see! Full of youthful, boisterous energy, they spin and flip, jump and blow bubbles, with incredible speed and agility. Since you are always within safe reach or eyesight of your Trip&homes Experiences guides, you can ask directly about the different behaviors you’ll be observing.