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What to do in case of an emergency?

We would like to start by saying that being prepared for a medical emergency will make it easier for you to relax and have fun while you're on vacation.


Carry your documentation and paper work in a digital format, you can scan your documents and send them to you in an e-mail before traveling, a photo is fine too.

Emergency numbers

Here is a list of emergency numbers for the La Paz area:

Green Angels

Government-funded fleet of mechanics and first aid technicians you can call for assistance free of charge.


Red cross - Cruz Roja Mexicana +52(612)1221111 / +52(612)1221101

Traffic police - Tránsito Municipal  +52(612)1220477 (911)

Fire department - Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos +52(612)1654343 (911) Federal police - Policia Federal +52(612)1146597 (911)

Civil Protection Department - Protección Civil Municipal +52(612)1213634 (911)


Always carry some cash with you, some stores don´t take cards. Almost every business in La Baja will take dollars but it is always better to have cash in Pesos in case of needing something as simple as electrolyte-enhanced water for hydration.

Know the lingo

Be able to say things like "I need help, Please call police" or carry a card with the words in spanish.

I need help right now! = Necesito ayuda urgente

Call the police = Llame a la policía

I am sick = Estoy enfermo

I have an emergency = Tengo una emergencia

Please, speak slower = Hable más despacio, por favor

Leave me alone = Déjame en paz

Can I use your phone? = ¿Puedo usar su teléfono?

Any other ??

Assaults or robberies

Report the crime to the police, even if you don't think they will do anything, as you will need the police report for any insurance claims.

Thanks for reading!



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