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Baja California Sur | Riviera Maya

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Yachting in La Paz

Everyone will visit one of Baja California Sur’s pristine beaches or the famous Espiritu Santo archipelago while here in La Paz (if you don’t, you’re doing it wrong!), but will they visit on a yacht?!

You can!

Especially if you’re here with a group of people or reach out for some like-minded folk on local social media platforms, a day of luxury relaxation is right at your fingertips.

You and up to 15 guests will be welcomed aboard your 60-foot sport cruiser Hatteras yacht by the Captain and your personal guide for the day. The soft sandy and wood tones of the interior furnishings bring the natural beauty of La Paz’s outdoors inside. 3 cabins and 3 bathrooms provide services and private spaces for everybody onboard. A fully equipped modern kitchen can be the domain of your private chef, serving you fresh seafood and personalized menu offerings, or you can bring your own food and drink to self-host an event for your family or friends.

How is so much presented in such a sexy “little” package? I thought the same thing when I first explored El Perfecto! Apparently, this class of yacht is famous for its spacious ambience, both above and below deck, more than you would ever imagine when looking at its sporty profile.

There are multiple Itineraries you can select from, and the team at Trip&homes Experiences will always do their best to accommodate any special requests you may have, so don’t be afraid to ask!

For me and my friends, our biggest desire was to travel to the world-famous archipelago of Espiritu Santo in comfort and style. Some of us had visited the islands and islets of the Natural Protected Area before, on one of the ubiquitous panga tours (the small fishing boats that most tour operators use for this trip); but, being that the best spots to visit are actually about an hour’s boat-ride away from any La Paz departure point, we really wanted to give our butts and backs a break by taking in the bucolic vistas from a window-wrapped salon or a shaded aft deck!

The 8-hour excursion on board our luxury yacht didn’t feel as long or, honestly, as exhausting as our panga boat tour had the year before. Without the roar of an outboard motor in our ears, we enjoyed socializing and taking perhaps a few too many pictures, during the voyage there and back. We also played an informal game of “musical decks”, trying out all of the different social zones onboard!

You think you’ll never want to get off the El Perfecto until you start pulling into the shining bays of Espiritu Santo, and any good yachter knows that Yacht Life comes with toys! Your experience includes everything you’ll need for beach fun - kayaks and paddleboards, snorkel equipment, beach blankets and umbrellas.

The service from our Captain was excellent and our group learned a lot from our bilingual guide about each notable feature or sea creature we passed (a pod of resident dolphins cruised alongside us just as we were exiting the bay!).

Other trip itineraries include:

  • Balandra Beach from the sea! This is an 8-hour trip with all the toys and the best views of this famous bay. Food and non-alcoholic bevvies are included.

  • Overnight trip to Espiritu Santo for a maximum of 6 passengers. Fall asleep to a softly rocking boat and awake to paradise. This would be my next choice of adventure!

  • Sunset cruise in the bay of La Paz, BYOB! This 3-hour trip is the perfect way to kick off your evening on the town. You and your friends can bring your own food and drink to enjoy while you soak up the golden hours over the city skyline. Be the envy of everyone strolling the Malecon!

Inquiry with us about renting this yacht at +1 619 288 8423, +52 612 1896310 or at



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